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Finding the best pet insurance

We all love our furry friends, big and small, but sometimes these bouncing bundles of joy can get into scrapes or fall ill. So, it makes perfect sense to prepare for any unexpected surprises, by taking out an insurance policy to cover the cost of those unfortunate events and veterinary bills. When you use Bright Compare to compare pet insurance companies, you are bound to make massive savings.

Using pet insurance comparison sites

Pet insurance will help you with the veterinary costs if your pet has an accident or falls ill. Veterinary bills can be surprisingly high, so it is worth taking the time to compare pet insurance providers to make sure you have chosen the right plan for your pet. You can find pet insurance plans on many pet insurance comparison sites. Using this type of site will make it simple to find just what you need for your pet.

How do I make sure it is the right pet insurance?

Think about your pet and consider what type of insurance you may need. For example, a bouncy outdoor dog may not require the same pet insurance as an indoor cat. They both require similar plans, but an outdoor dog might require a higher level of protection, or even third-party liability, which will protect you if your dog causes an accident when you are out for a walk, or damages someone else’s property.

Consider your pet’s age too, and any illnesses that are common with that particular breed. Don’t forget to be realistic with your budget and think about how much you can afford to pay for pet insurance on a regular basis.

Some pet plans offer a start-up pet insurance, for example, if you have just bought a new kitten or a puppy. This will generally cover the cost of your pet’s first year, and after that you can take up another plan, using the same pet insurance comparison site.

Pet insurance plans

– Lifetime pet insurance: This will cover your pet for accidents, illnesses, or injuries, and will pay up to a set amount of veterinary bills each year.
– Time-limited pet insurance: This will cover your pet in case of any accidents or illnesses but will only be for a limited time.
– Maximum benefit pet insurance: This insurance will give you a maximum amount you can claim per condition. It has no time limit, but, once you have reached the maximum amount, your pet is no longer covered for that condition.

Tips to reduce the cost of your pet insurance

There are a few things you can do to reduce the cost of your pet insurance, for example:

– Excess Payments: If you decide to pay an excess towards your veterinary bill, then this will make your monthly cost cheaper, but you need to ensure you can cover the excess amount. Some vets recommend you open a separate savings account for your pet and deposit a regular amount into the account to cover these excess fees.
– Neuter your pet: The earlier you do this for your pet the better it is for them, and the recovery will be quicker. And it will help protect them from many illnesses and health conditions.
– Multi-pet discounts: If you have more than one pet it is worth considering, when you compare pet insurance companies, if they offer a multi-pet discount. This will help lower your premiums.
– Think about the type of pet or pedigree breed you choose: Some pets are more likely to suffer from conditions that are associated with a particular breed. This may increase your premium, as some pet insurance companies demand a higher premium for certain breeds, to cover the probability of illness.


Some exclusions to pet insurance

You need to read your policy carefully before agreeing to it. This is because there are some conditions that are often not covered, or you may have to make special arrangements with your pet insurance company to have these included on your policy, for example:

– Pre-existing conditions: This is if your pet already had a condition before you took out the policy. Some pets who are susceptible to certain conditions may also have this condition excluded. You need to check your policy. You may be able to pay extra to cover your pet in the event that it has a pre-existing condition, so it is advised to contact the insurance provider to make sure.
– Routine treatments: This includes flea treatments and de-worming, vaccinations, neutering, and dental check-ups.
– International veterinary care
– Travel

If you take your pet abroad your veterinary insurance may not cover the cost of any veterinary fees. For this reason, it is always best to check your policy.

Compare pet insurance companies to find the best quote

The best way to find a good quote for pet insurance is to compare pet insurance plans using a pet insurance comparison site to find the right insurance for your pet, at a price you can afford. Make a note of the age of your pet and of any health conditions you may need to mention. Note down how much your pet cost, either as a purchase or donation. Remember to confirm if they are neutered or spayed, and microchipped. Pet insurance for cats tends to be between £8-10 per month, while dogs are more expensive, for example, approximately £15-20 a month depending on age, breed, and health. Remember that all this depends on individual circumstances, which is why it is vital to compare pet insurance companies.

How do I pay for pet insurance?

You can pay your pet insurance monthly by standing order or direct debit from your bank account, or you can choose to pay it a year in advance.

Taking out pet insurance will give you peace of mind. Knowing that any unexpected illnesses or accidents are covered will make the health care aspect of owning a pet that much simpler. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that, in the event of illness or accident, your pet will be well taken care of, and the veterinary bills will be covered by your insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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